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Drainage Pumps

The V Range drainage pumps are definitely value for money. They are ideal for draining trenches and sumps and come with float switch to ensure seamless operation, while protecting the pumps against dry runs.

Model ranges include:

V180 - 230V 0.18kW

V250 - 230V 0.25kW

V550 - 230V 0.55kW

V750 - 230V 0.75kW

V1300DF - C/W Cutter 230V 1.3kW

V1800DF - C/W Cutter 230V 1.8kW

V2200DF - C/W Cutter 230V 2.2kW

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4" Submersible 

This range is manufacture for resistant against sand and other impurities, while providing great efficiencies. The floating impeller design, ensures resistance to wear and tear against sand and other impurities. The non-return valve is integrated in the head to support the weight of the water column and to protect the impellers and diffusers.

Model ranges include:

VSP 401

VSP 402

VSP 403

VSP 404

VSP 405

VSP 406

VSP 408

VSP 412

VSP 416

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6" Submersible

Vansan pumps can work with different submersible motors with no problems with the help of the connection flanged which is design in NEMA standards. Discharge case threading can be done as BSP or NPT.

Model ranges include:

VSP SS 6010

VSP SS 6017

VSP SS 6030

VSP SS 6036

VSP SS 6045

VSP SS 6060

VSP SS 6090

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Manufacturing stainless steel of; diffusers, impellers, suction case, discharge case provides maximum strength, durability, wear and tear resistance.

Models include:

  • 7075

  • 7095

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7" Submersible


8" Submersible

Superior designs of impellers and diffusers creates high hydraulic performance and great efficiency. Floating impeller systems provides superior strength for maximum resistance against wear and tear of sand and other impurities.

Models include:

  • 8110

  • 8125

  • 8160

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The VSP series of pumps are manufactured to the highest standards for energy efficiency, high performance, rugged construction and long service life for the most demanding applications.

Models include:

  • 10210

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10" Submersible



  • Waste water drainage in factories, construction sites and commercial facilities

  • Drainage stations in residential quarters

  • Municipal projects and industrial waters supply

  • Methane pools and field irrigation in countryside

  • Potable water supply from deep wells

  • Irrigation and other agricultural applications

  • Pressurised water supply from borehole wells

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