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Koshin GL-Range

The Koshin Pump Range is designed with a large pitch and high tolerance to manage most viscous fluids as well as thick lubricants. Koshin Gear Pumps are positive displacement pumps used for excellent capacity (litre/minute) control and self-priming to 4 meters once wet. 


The Koshin GL Series is perfect for pumping high viscosity fluids and can be coupled to electric geared motors, pneumatic geared motors or hydraulic geared motors as per customer’s requirement.

Models include:

GL13 -5/10

GL20 -5/10

GL25 -5/10

GL32 -5/10

GL40 -5/10

GL50 -5/10


  • Two moveable parts.

  • Positive suction, non-vibrating pressure.

  • Ideal for high viscosity liquids.

  • Maintenance friendly.


  • Kerosene

  • Machine oil

  • Heavy oil

  • Light oil

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Range Performance Guide

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