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Brubin Magflow Range

The Magflo Series "M" pumps were developed for high reliability within a broad range of corrosive services, while remaining cost competitive, and virtually maintenance-free. Key feature of magnetic drive pumps is that the fluid that has to be pumped never comes into direct contact with engine parts, ensuring the physical separation between the motor and the pump and the transmission is delivered via a coaxial magnetic coupling.


The pump consists of a part (outer rotor) that is coupled to an electric motor through elastic coupling (bare shaft version) or directly (close coupled) and a part (internal rotor integral with the pump impeller) that allows fluid pumping. The outer rotor consists of a series of magnetic elements with variable features and size suitable to the torque to be transmitted.


The inner and outer rotor magnets are a magnetic circuit, characterized by overlooked opposite polarity pairs. At electric motor start, the outer rotor, when rotating, drives synchronously the internal rotor, thus the power is transmitted to the pump impeller that explains the liquid pumping contained in the pump body. A static containment shell, called rear casing, located between the two rotors, separates the liquid from the atmosphere, making the pump hermetic.


Models include:





CM MAG-P 30 motor size 90

CM MAG-P 30 motor size 100/112


  • Design is Close Coupled Mag Drive

  • Material: PP / PVDF (Heavy wall Polypropylene)

  • Flow Rated up to 35 m3/hr

  • Temperature up to 80 °C

  • Capacities up to 30 000L/h

  • Pressures up to 25m

  • Pumps are fitted with, local standard electric motors.

  • Modular Impeller – Magnet assembly

  • High purity ceramic shaft and thrust rings

  • Suitable for temperatures up to 100C

  • Handles specific gravities to 1,8

  • Compact design for retrofitting existing installations.


  • Chemicals, Acids, Alkalis

  • Waste water treatment

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Galvanising, anodising and also plating

  • Semi-conductor / Printed circuit boards

  • Power plants

  • Nuclear plants

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