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Self-Priming Pumps
The categories featured are not limited to what we can source nationally and internationally. Contact our team if you need assistance.

A Series

The Calpeda Series "A" pumps are fast self priming and the open impeller allows for the passage of suspended solids in pumped liquid.
The patented guard prevents contact with rotating parts, ensuring protection to the end user whilst allowing for inspection of the mechanical seal. The bearing and shaft are designed to ensure the reduction of the stress, providing high reliability under all operating conditions.

CK Series

This compact pump is suitable for use with diesel, clean water that does not contain abrasive particles. Strong operating performances enable excellent pressure in every case where fluid flow is irregular or contains air.

J Series

The J self-priming centrifugal pumps are used in applications requiring a fast priming capacity from demanding suction heights combined with the ability to transfer and manage polluted, waste and abrasive fluids with suspended solids.

SP Range

The Non-clogging self-priming sewage pump is suitable for the transfer of municipal and industrial sewage as well as staged treatment and concentrated treatment systems of various liquids.

ST Range

This compact self-priming pump delivers excellent performances.

ST-R Series

ST-R self-priming centrifugal pumps are designed to facilitate unclogging operations in the field and ensure easy maintenance and high levels of reliability. The front inspection cover can be used to access all internal parts without disconnecting the the pipes and without removing the pump from the installation.

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