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Nomad 15/25/40 Range

Nomad pumps are self-priming AODD pumps, that can handle viscous/abrasive products and can run dry without damage, they do not employ costly motors, variable speed drives, by-pass plumbing or mechanical seals.


Nomad POWER-FLO Range

NOMAD air-operated pumps use suction and discharge check valves to produce directional flow of process fluid in the liquid chamber. The check valve balls seal and release on the check valve seats allowing for discharge and suction of process fluid to occur.


  • Full range of after-market parts ready in stock

  • Gentle to shear sensitive products

  • Self-priming up to 25 feet

  • Low initial investment and low replacement costs for wear parts

  • TRANS-FLO gold pumps feature piston-style air valve system

  • PWR-FLO asymmetrical spool design features most efficient air system

  • FLOWS UP TO 36000 LPH

  • PRESSURES 16 bar

  • SUCTION LIFT UP TO 9.5 metres



  • Automotive

  • Ceramics

  • Chemical

  • Electronics

  • Food and Beverage

  • Mining

  • Construction

  • Petroleum

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Wastewater

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Range Performance Guide example of the 25 Range

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