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We offer a wide range of products; from chemical and industrial progressive cavity pumps, AODD pumps to some of the largest centrifugal pumps.

Don't miss our specials on residential pumps which include submersible borehole pumps, solar pumps and booster pumps. Our Pump Related products include pump motors, motor bearings, mechanical seals and custom pump shafts, you are welcome to email us the parts you need. 

To help you find the right solution we require some information, here are some simple guideline to ensure your new pump is the right for the application:

  • Max Pressure required,

  • Desired flow rate, e.g. to transport 300 litres every 30 minutes, then your pump system has to transport 300/30 = 10 litres per minute or 0.167 litres per second.

  • Suction lift, e.g. P(b) – (Ls + Vp + hf + NPSHR)

  • Application and characteristics of the fluid, e.g. civil to pump oil.

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