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Hygienic Pumps
The categories featured are not limited to what we can source nationally and internationally. Contact our team if you need assistance.

PF02 Range

Due to its sanitary and economical design, PF02 Range centrifugal pump is used as main process pump in the food-processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It is also recommended for CIP processes.

PF01 Range

Hygienic high capacity centrifugal pump designed to cater for an unfulfilled need in the food-processing and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Designed for dairy and beverage industries in general, as well as in ultra-filtering processes.

Rotorflo Range

Rotorflo is a high-performance, compact pump requiring little maintenance, designed for hygiene-conscious industries. Awarded (EHEDG) certification for its design of a rotary lobe pump.

XZS Range

XZS series pumps is suitable for irrigation systems, boiler feeding, transportation of light acid and alkali liquid.
Agricultural irrigation, petrochemical industry, medicine and santation etc.

EDH Range

EDH series pumps is suitable for irrigation systems, industrial,mining, food and beverage industry. Pump comes standard with a viton seal and the construction is ASIA304 standard on all hydraulic parts.

ABK Range

ABK series pumps is suitable for transfer liquids with light corrosive, requirement for health and containing impurities. Suitable for industrial sewage system, food & beverage processing, farming, pumping water.

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