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Borehole Pumps
The categories featured are not limited to what we can source nationally and internationally. Contact our team if you need assistance.

VSP SS Range

Comes in 4 , 6 , 7 , 8 and 10 inch. Contact our technicians to get the right pump for your application and performance.

DAB S4 Range

The S4 range is 4 inch multi-impeller borehole pumps. These are sand-resistant pumps with a high performance for clean water, designed and used for lifting water from boreholes.

VSM 6 inch Motors

These stainless steel motors provide up to 525V/15kW.

VSM 4 inch Motors

The VSM oil cooled 4 inch submersible motors can be produced up to 7.5 kW. They are noise-free, oil-lubricated, durable and long-lasting motors that do not require periodic maintenance.

LV Solar Range

The solar range comes with a maximum head of 110m. It is screw-type, stainless steel that comes with controller.

SDS Range

This series is designed for lifting water from wells with a diameter of 4" (DN 100 mm). These pumps are recommended for pumping clean water containing no more than 200 g/m3 of sand.

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