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Submersible Pumps
The categories featured are not limited to what we can source nationally and internationally. Contact our team if you need assistance.

B Series

High flow heavy duty submersible sewage pumps designed for freestanding as well as guide rail and duckfoot installations in the mining, municipal, abattoir and agricultural industries.

C Series

High flow heavy duty submersible sewage pumps designed with an inlet cutter plate and a single channel impeller that allows for pumping of stringy solids.

DGN range

The DGN range is suitable for pumping unstrained soiled biological wastewaters and sewage and for civil lifting applications. It is ideal for use in wastewater treatment plants, sewer systems, livestock farms, agriculture and various industries. It uses a set-back vortex impeller with ample free passages, runs on electrical power, and can pump whilst submerged in fluid, but is also fitted for installation of the cooling system for dry or semi-submerged installation.

DL Range

Cast iron submersible pump with open two-channel impeller and semi-open anti-clogging impeller. It has a wide range of powers up to 45 kW and different discharge diameters. Suitable for pumping wastewater with suspended solid and fibrous bodies.

V Range

The V Range drainage pumps are definitely value for money. They are ideal for draining trenches and sumps and come with float switch to ensure seamless operation, while protecting the pumps against dry runs.

WSD Range

High performance submersible pump for clean water and screened sewage applications. Manufactured from cast iron and stainless steel, the WSD Submersible pump is a compact and mobile unit. The single-phase units are available automatic floating switch.

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