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Tsunami Axial Flow Pumps

The Tsunami range of axial flow pumps can be configured for installation in horizontal, inclined or vertical applications. These pumps are engineered to lift large volumes of water from rivers and irrigation channels.


Capable of flows up to 2600 litres per second with a discharge head range from 1 to 110 metres.

Standard, interchangeable components to suit any configuration and a full range of impellers greatly contribute to the flexibility of the Tsunami. This pump range is efficient at varying water levels, and the power unit remains at low load, even when pumping in full flood.


  • Stainless steel shafts

  • Standard impellers and rings in 316 stainless

  • Capacities up to 2 600L/s

  • Pressures up to 110m

  • Low cost installation

  • Minimal civil requirements

  • Low load starting conditions

  • Permanently submerged turbine


  • Aqua-culture

  • Marine industries

  • Water harvesting from rivers and dams

  • Flood irrigation

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