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Calpeda A Series

The Calpeda Series "A" pumps are fast self priming and the open impeller allows for the passage of suspended solids in pumped liquid.

This centrifugal pump is designed for the transfer of clean low viscosity fluids without abrasives, containing up to 0.2% solids content. 


The patented guard prevents contact with rotating parts, ensuring protection to the end user whilst allowing for inspection of the mechanical seal. The bearing and shaft are designed to ensure the reduction of the stress, providing high reliability under all operating conditions. The mechanical seal requires lubrication and cooling while the pump is operating.


Models include:

A 40 - 110

A 50 - 125

A 65 - 150

A 80 - 170


  • Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps with open impeller.

  • Design is Close Coupled Mag Drive.

  • Frequency 60 Hz.

  • Protection IP 55.

  • Special mechanical seal.

  • Higher or lower liquid or ambient temperatures.

  • Construction with bearing bracket.

  • Liquid temperature from -10 °C to +90 °C.

  • Maximum permissible working pressure up to 10 bar for A 80- 170.

  • Continuous duty.


  • For clean or slightly dirty water, also with solids up to 10 mm grain size.

  • For draining a basin or a sump.

  • For civil and industrial applications.

  • For irrigation.

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